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Speckle Trout & Redfish Shootout

       APRIL 21 & 22 2012


                           REGISTRATION FORM

  • ANGLER:______________________________________________

  • Tournament: _____Speckled Trout ____  Red Fish ____both

  • Day time Phone# (____)__________________

  • Email address_______________________

Speckled trout Shoot-Out April 21, 2012      $ 75.00 PER PERSON                                                                 

Red Fish Shoot-Out April 22 2012                   $25.00 PER PERSON 

 For both Shoot-Outs                                        $100 PER PERSON                                                                 

Make All Checks Payable to Mexican Gulf Lodge #64

Shout Out Prizes are Cash Prizes only, Speckled Trout (3) Fish Aggregate

Speckled Trout- 1st $1,000 +Trophy        2nd $750.00          3rd $500.00

RED FISH SHOOT OUT-$250.00+Trophy (1) Fish Aggregate (Winner Take All).

  • *Mandatory Captains Meeting!!!    April 20th for all Shoot Out Fishermen-Located at the Pass Christian Harbor (Shaggy’s) We have 10 Ship slips located inside of the Pass Christian Harbor for those Fisherman wanting to leave their boats on the water and fish both tournaments. (NO CHARGE, first come first serve).
  • Prize Monies may change depending on the number of Entries. If so we will go to a 60/40 split. For the Speckled Trout Shoot Out. With a 10 boat minimum.
  • All Registration fees need to be in on or before April 2, 2012. All late registration will be $5.00 dollars more per entry.
  • All Anglers will be on the honor system.
  • All Fish must be in good edible condition and properly iced.
  • There may be any number of fisherman on the boat, But may only turn in (6) fish. For a total aggregate weight. All Anglers on the boat must be listed on the Shoot-Out Registration Form.
  • All decisions of the Weight Master, ((Will Be Final))).
  • Scales will be open at 11am and close at 3pm. Registered Fisherman waiting in line, In the designated area when the scales close will be considered “On Time”.
  • In case of a tie of equal weight, the first boat/person that enters their fish will be declared the winner.
  • Participants enter at their own risk, neither the tournament, nor any Person Connected with the tournament, shall be liable for any loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury to anyone for any reason.
  • The method of fishing will be HOOK-LINE-ONLY. ((( NO EXCEPTIONS)))!!


          For Info- Contact                               

     Derrick Howard   228 -261-1037                      Charles Lee         228 -261-0858     




Download the flyer below for more information!